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White Whale Mixers

Moiz —  May 25, 2013

White Whale Mixers are incredibly easy to use and can transform your home into the best speakeasy in town.  Check out just a few of the cocktails you can make with the mixers in the video below:

White Whale from White Whale on Vimeo.

Whiskey ball Inside

The Original Whiskey Ball is an amazing ice mold that you can use to create a sphere of ice for any drink or cocktail.  Here are a few trips and tricks to help you create the perfect ice sphere:

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The Bitter Truth Pink Gin

Sam —  March 18, 2013

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin pays homage to the classic pink gins that sailors abroad the Royal Navy drank in order to cure their sea sickness.  When the sailors returned home, they brought their taste for pink gin with them.

If you’ve just picked up a bottle of The Bitter Truth Pink Gin, here are a couple of great cocktail recipes to get you started:

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Todd Hardie’s great-great grandfather John Hardie, came to the United States from Edinburgh Scotland in 1817. John had grown up on a farm, and within weeks of his arrival at the Port of New York he wrote home that “There was no work for a young man” in New York. So, he headed to Alabama to work on a farm. Back in Scotland in the late 1800’s his brother founded J & W Hardie, a family owned distillery that still exists today making 12-year old scotch. It follows that Todd Hardie –after growing up on a farm, receiving an Agricultural Science degree from Cornell University, and working as a commercial beekeeper for a few decades– would eventually decide to get into the other family business, making liquor.

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